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Ecological Jungle Train

For the movement of visitors throughout the area around the Falls we have made one of our most innovative additions to the park: an ecological train which runs on natural gas.
It was brought specially from England where it was designed by Alan Keef Ltd., a company which specializes in excursion trains and has built highly successful transports for parks throughout Asia and Europe


iguazu waterfalls

Access: Central Station, Cataratas Station and The Devil´s Throat Station.

Access: Central Station, Cataratas Station and The Devil´s Throat Station.
Length: 14Km Total trip: 25 min.
Accessibility: High. Difficulty: No stairs
Central Station to the Cataratas Station: 10 min.
Cataratas Station to the Devil´s Throat Station: 15 min.

Planned exclusively for this park, the design bears in mind the unique characteristics of the area, such as weather and the surrounding natural environment.
The train is an open vehicle allowing visitors to have direct contact with the environment and live the experience of a ride in the middle of the jungle; sensing the aromas, weather variations and the sounds of the forest.


iguazu waterfalls

The train has 3 Stations

Central Station: Duration 7 minutes
From here the train goes to the Cataratas Station and the Devil´s Throat Station. This station includes bathrooms, a first aid room, park ranger offices, and a commercial area with a cafeteria and a snack shop.

Cataratas Station: Duration 10 minutes
At this station the precluding trails to the Upper and Lower Circuits begin and diverge. It acts as a distribution centre with a square, rest area, food services, fast food services, and bathrooms.

Devil´s Throat Station: Duration 15 minutes
From here you can access the Devil’s Throat. The station offers a central service square with bathrooms and a fast food store, from which a set of catwalks will take you to the falls.



"Truly a Wonder of Nature".

One of the most unique sights in the world, you have to experience it to understand its beauty. Stroll under the light of the Full Moon and dine in the La Selva Restaurant. Here.